Meridian Tools started about 40 years ago as Meridian Insurance Salvage - a little place on Meridian and SW 32th street. I used to handle insurance claims for stores that had fire, smoke, tornado, and water damage. My job was doing inventory work for the insurance companies and then selling the merchandise. We started back in those days by handling claims for grocery, drug and similar stores.
Through that experience I met an auctioneer out of Tupelo, Mississippi that told me of an option to buy some hand tools in Dallas, Texas. So 40 years ago I went there and spent $1300 for a pick-up truck full of tools. I brought it back and started calling any garage or business in the phone book that I thought would be interested in tools. I told them we had really good deals on tools right here in town - to come buy some at half price or less. And that started the business.
After a year or so of doing that we built a place on SW 44th street where we stayed for about 10 years. At that point we were handling more and more tools deals of new merchandise, excess, overstocks, and model changes straight from the manufactures. After 10 years, I bought our current location on SW 59th street and changed the name to Meridian Tools.
We began to handle more and more merchandise from the factories by calling them and asking for excess and new merchandise. We eventually became the distributer for about 20 to 30 of them.
All we have to offer is great prices since we are not a fancy operation. It is important for us to us to buy it right so we can give our customers good values. Our business base is word of mouth. People call us a grown man’s Candy Land. Folks love to come, look around, see what’s new, and find those bargains.
Come by and look us over.
Meridian Tool